There really are two kinds of people when it comes to marketers who try to make money online promoting products found on clickbank. Those who make sporadic amounts of money and those affiliates who can consistently put the puck in the net so to speak with day in day out consistent sales. How do these affiliates do it? What’s the secret behind their clickbank success? Can you really make any serious money with clickbank? The answer of course is yes but let’s look at the real reason why most fail with this kind of online marketing.

The number one reason why affiliate marketers fail to make money with clickbank products is they all look the same. It’s no big secret among affiliate marketers that the best way to make money online promoting informational products is to have a landing page.

The problem is there are so many landing pages out there promoting XYZ product why should any web visitor buy from your and not from the other guy? We’ve all seen these kinds of landing pages, in fact there are hundreds of them out there, I like to call them 5 star review pages. You know the ones I mean. Where there are 3 or 4 products listed on a landing page, all being reviewed by the affiliate and each one boosts 5 stars! Great Product! Buy It Here! From a web visitors stand point it all starts to look the same and that’s why so many struggle to find clickbank success.

Let’s liken this situation to your TV for a moment. Now imagine you are watching a TV channel that’s off the air. What do you see? Yes a screen full of TV noise. Internet marketing is alot like this screen of noise. There are literally hundreds of other affiliate out there trying to make money with clickbank, and your campaign, your landing page is just one of those tiny specks of noise on that TV.

Why should any web visitor buy from you? What makes your landing page stand out? This is exactly the challenge you face, and the exact reason why those who struggle fail. They all look the same. The goal is to be able to stand out. Once you learn and understand how to stand out and how to make your campaign profitable then consistant sales start coming in and you achieve success.

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How do you this? What’s the secret behind poping out among all that internet noise? To learn exactly how to do that and become your own clickbank success story I highly suggest you read my review of Affiliate Justice. Affiliate Justice teaches you how to do exactly that. Standing out from the crowd isn’t hard to do, and you can make money with clickbank, the question remains though. Are you satisified with sporadic sales or do you want to be a clickbank success story?

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