WordPress or Blogger

Some people frequently ask me. Which one is better WordPress or Blogger (Blogger.com)

My answer is not the matter which one is the better, WordPress or Blogger. It depend on what the bloggers are looking for. Blogger is easy to start for beginners. If you are the beginners it may better to start from Blogger.com

On the other hand If you want to make your site more attractive with many available plug in. Get in to WordPress. By choosing wordpress there is a question has to answer. Self hosting (wordpress.org) or wordpress hosting (wordpress.com).

Self hosting will make an easy for you to have a key to use the power of wordpress. This site was build by wordpress blog, and this is a site build in Blogger and this site was build in wordpress.com.

Anyway they bring the plus point at all. Just start, anything make your blog easy and look professional are ready.

Go ahead. Go Blogging.

Teaching Children without saying Do or Don't

The easy way to "lead" a child is by saying DO and DO NOT. I tell you in that case you will get in stress and your child do either. Remember, a child has a passion to know what’s new. Whatever! If that so the rule, why don’t we realize that fact?

We can not do teaching any kind of moral to a child efectively as they are a small adult people.

They are Children, with their way of thinking in growing. Teach them by doing like children. If you do like this you will find something different in teaching children.

Try not use Do and Do not. If you have to use such words, explain it Why and Why.

Be a teacher by a leader.