Why not me, rather why me?

I often see the people who refuse a responsibility. The reason is usually referred to: Lact of capability, shame, fears, another is better, etc.
The rejection is based on willingness to be changed. It is better feeling to stay in current condition. Fail to see something valuable behind the responsibility has been asked to do.
If we feel lack of capability, this is the time to be capable. Learn to dare, dare to learn and learn something new. If you have a responsibility asked for in something where it surely can make you grow and mature, why not saying "why not me" instead of "why me".
Of course you have to be wise for choosing which responsibility will allows you to change better. This is not easy, but take the challenge for you. Be stronger, more capable in every assignment given to us. And you may believe SOMEONE unseen will carry you on. Go ahead, why not me?

How to keep spirit on fire

It is very possible if we are really excited in a motivational seminar or workshop. Almost all the people feel like that. The problem is how do you keep the spirit even though you are alone, just you and the remaining spirit inside. Just say you are entering new areas, new jobs or other new things that you have to get in alone.

These such things you can do:

1. Make notes during the seminar resume, and read it more.
2. Have books written the same topic with the seminar, and read it more.
3. Have recorded Audio/ Video of the seminar and listen to it more.
4. Build relationships with the seminar organizer, or
5. Relations among participants seminar.

The easiest point of them is hearing or watching the recorded audio/ video seminar as often as possible. Hope your spirit will remain strongly.