Can you see the invisible? Seeing something can be done in various ways. Seeing with your heart and Seeing with your eyes. We are distinguished from others of how we see. Eastern people more accustomed to seeing an object associated with the objects around it. Westerners more accustomed to seeing an object separate from the others in the vicinity.

Both of habits above has advantages over each other. I will discuss later, this time we will focus ourselves to the topic how to look at something that can not be seen with the eyes even with our heart.

Let’s talk about Prophet Noah.  During his age, he could do a great job, because he could see a big thing in while the entire population of the country could not see anything, even sneering and making fun of the prophet Noah. How he could see the invisible? His faith. Faith is the only thing enabling Noah to do that. Read the story of his life. You’ll be amazed by his story.

Maybe this time you are in an uncertain time. The people said that only one is certain, the uncertainty itself. But learn from Noah, we can be steadfast in our work to pursue our goals because we know what we are doing, and what we are doing is in respect to God.

Start this new year 2010 with God, He will give you the ability to see the invisible things.