Adalah sangat menantang dalam mengerjakan sesuatu yang baru. Di dalamnya memang sering terbersit suatu keragu-raguan, takut salah, takut rugi dan lain sebagainya. Namanya juga sesuatu yang baru, belum pernah kita sampai ke sana, jadi secara logika adalah wajar jika kita merasa was-was.

Ini adalah saat pertama saya membuat blog dan ini akan mencatat bagaimana perkembangan blog ini ke depannya. Saya akan melihatnya 1 minggu ke depan, 2 minggu, 1 bulan dan tahun-tahun yang akan datang. Orang berkata segala sesuatu akan tetap sulit sebelum ia menjadi mudah.

Saat saya mulai sekolah, saya belajar menuliskan angka. Masih jelas dalam ingatan saya bagaimana saya membuat angka “2” sulit sekali nampaknya waktu itu, padahal begitu mudahnya menuliskan angka itu saat ini. Namun itu sungguh jauh berbeda di kala pengalaman pertama menuliskannya.

It’s very  weigh and challenging doing something new, but it also often reap us a mistake. This is the start to make my blog. Meanwhile times goes by and history will be recorded how this blog later. I will see it in 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month or next few years. People quotes: All things remain difficult until it get easy.

When I learned to write down the numbers. I still remember when I learned to write the number “2” is very difficult for me to pull straight 2’s leg number. Need to make “_” but it always be “/”. My Father, My Mother and Brother was holding my hand so I can make the “_”. However, after the hand released, it’s “/” again.

Just having patience, enthusiasm and motivation, and without a blame, I can write the number “2”.  Its so simple and easy to write it now. Closing eye even when in the dark I can write down the number “2”.  Sure quotes saying: Anything is difficult before it easy.

When I learned to ride bicycle. Riding a bicycle for those who experienced is no problem, but that is not case with people who just start. Enable you to ride a bicycle, it can only be done by do trying. Until now I have never see a book to write how to learn riding bicycle or bike riding tutorials or something. If you want to be able bicycle riding – especially for adults who want to learn bicycle – Not too late. You must dare to try.  Dare to have injured, sweat and seeing blood on your skin.

I am not certainly ensure that you will be hurt because not anyone learning bicycle will be injured! But be ready and prepare yourself. Luckily now there are bicycle 1×2 and 2×1 means a bicycle is designed for children so that a child can learn and need not to fall down to ground.

I quoted you, the same lessons can we take from here. Learning need necessary support. In this story we say small 2×1 wheels. If you dare not riding bicycle, you may ask for support from a man who has experienced to be your Mentor.

Finally I can take riding bike after some days trying.  Attempting to ride with one leg while the other foot do swing. Fall down, get up and try again. The most wondering was when the bike fell to evade me, and I fell over it.

If a determination has been stated the way has definitely opened right there. Quotes saying: Wake up from your fall try again and again. Get up more than times you fall. Dare to take a risks so you can get it …. and it may brings you to a legendary bicycle rider.