Many people think that the rule, order, only to complicate the procedure and create a complex. Actually it all depends on the way of thinking. There is a quote that says: “How do you think you so” If we think the rules will be a barrier, so it will be a barrier for us.

Try to see in our daily life. Sometimes parking vehicle in crowded paking area making vehicle fixed to the park line compare with park in empty?  Here we do not discuss about risk. Indeed, risk is greater in the crowded parking place. We can utilize parked car as a sign. Similarly with the boundaries or existing procedures, we must see it as a guide or the track so that we can maintain our way to move. If we view a rule as the difficulty, often it is also a reflection of personal rule that we have. Try to imagine if the rules are not present, its very difficult to measure our current situation, next 1 year to the next 5-10 years and even longer. With the rules are not clear yet, it is difficult to evaluate, especially if the rule does not exist.
We still stand on or not, with the pattern rules we can monitor whether we are in stagnant movement or progressive.