When I was in Elementary School, my neighboor showed me a lens. Through this lens I could see his nose bigger. I was exiting to look another by that lens.
When I was in Junior High School I learned that a lens could be used to burn a paper through sun shine that passing through the lens. I thought that my father and I no more need for a matches to light up. Why, because of light can be focused by the lens. It would be hundreds, thousands times of light’s strength gather together and burn out paper or woods. Focused!

Now I have worked many years. I know something in my journey soon or later will be an obstacle come nearer. Even I will not do something obstacle are present.

Sometimes when I have a goal I see so many distractions appear. Appear? We can judge it appear just when I have a goal? May be yes, may be No. But When I look deeper that problem actually have been there before, but I don’t care because I don’t have any plan going there. So focus on your goal, anything will pass a way. Just focused on your goal.

Have you ever ask your friend, say 5 of friends that use watch. Ask them to read and say what the smallest word that written on the watch. Look in detail, do not be missed to look for the smallest one…. After that ask them, what time is it? In fact, its rare to find out someone that can tell you what time it is. Because they focused on looking the smallest word in the watch, not to find out what time it is. Focused! What you focused to find out, thats will come to you, Soon or later.

One more example, if you want to buy a Honda car, Honda will be the lot cars you see in the streets, although the car was passing actually have a lot of Toyota, Mitsubishi and other car brands. Why so? Because you start to focus on something, Honda Cars. In your eyes Honda cars will become something more concrete and clearer than the other.

So when you are in pursuing the goal and dream, you will face many obstacles. Be focus!