In many cases dealing with people Commutative Operation Rule is not applicable at all. Which one is the best 8 times 1 or 1 time 8?

A teacher said to the students, “Which is better 8 than the 1 times 1 x 8?” The students ask in the heart. If you ask a teacher of mathematics, they may be said, “It just the same, Sir!” Or even add confusion, why mathematics teacher ask such kind of question, which is better from the 8×1 or  1×8. It is mathematically same.

Having Questions such as this question seems to make trouble. To discuss what is better? Same! But briefly, in the real world we must learn how to think. In industrial world that require speed and efficiency is better 1×8 rather than 8×1. Complete 8 types of work to do as well as one type. Saving time and money. Great!

However, if you are in a process that requires patience, thoroughness you have to be asked 8×1. Why? See what we do. Giving children to eat, fill the narrow bottle neck require 8×1. Ponder the good that we have received in this life, better 8×1! Learn to understand things better 8×1. How to forgive a mistake? What is your own fault or mistakes of others? if you are in the party who must apologize, apologize 8 x 1, is better than you apologize 8 errors at once. But you must forgive the 8 errors, do in 1x apology.

Clearly, not all can be explained with only 8×1 or 1×8. But the core of all this is be wise. Make all things to teach us to think step further. Do not let the obstacles of other people or ourselves to be a barrier, moreover  it all just depends on the way we think.

Which one is the best 8 times 1 or 1 time 8? The answer is not 8×1 or 1×8! Please define what is the “1” and “8” first. Let’s move doing better.