It would be nice if we are given the authority, authority on our hand. We will be obeyed by the other. What we ordered will be done according to our order.

This time I will give tips for you in relation to authority. If you are in an authority, act dutifully no choice for you. If you have a given authority, use it for goodness af all. That’s great things!

Here, what I want to say is, Do you know if the authority is available in your hands so you could do something based on that authority? Look at the picture above, He was still very young, and his face still looks boyish, but with authority in his hand he ordered to all vehicles to move over a lane away.

You and I have the authority at least to your own and your children. Although you feel inadequate, you do have that authority within you. You are able to be a father, you are able to a mother, you are able to love, you are able to be family protectors. Do not ever give up. Never think useless.