Please imagine, if you ask someone to do your request and some days have passed no result has been made yet. So, you call him/ her and ask about the job requested. While you are asking he/ she answer you with this:

  1. I have start it earlier than ever.
  2. I have delegate it to any persons.
  3. I have make the schedule to make it finished in proper time.
  4. I have think it day and night even my sleeping time, etc

Are you happy to hear that? Are those things that we need to hear?
or did you ask for the result for what she/ he has done? Yes, we need the result not asked him/ her to tell us what she/ he had done.

Why we fail to make good result? Some of the reason is due to:

Goal/ target was not clear or no goals at all and/ or Goal was not S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable, Time phased/ trackable)

If we can not make goal SMART, we can not make it becomes reality as it was expected.
Think a moment. How can we finish to eat an elephant? Surely, by eating that elephant one bit at the time. How long? Depend on how much you ate at once. So make it easy to do what you are going to do by breaking it down, small piece at the small piece continuously.

By breaking goal step by step we can do it better. Do not try to do once for all. It’s same to plan to fail. Fail to plan is fail to plan.