jamMany people say that they do not have time. But if we analyze more this statement is usually come from people who have no written agenda. Why they have no time just because lack of time management.

Just a bit different, we still found people who says there is no time, it seems people are busy, have a fairly neat agenda and manage it well. But they say that they do not have time yet.  Having or have no time often comes from the priorities we own. I do playing because I think playing has a higher priority than other.

We can find many people who are still working while most people have slept away. Why? Because they have a priority. Priority have made them to make time available. Is your family have a priority with you, surely there will be time for that. Do you have time for a visit each other, because there is certainly a priority you give to it. You got time for the investment, that means you put a priority on that. Priority will give you a time and time comes upon you because you have a priority.

There was a Priority due to times given, There was a time due to Priority has given to.