Someone says SMILE is stand for Simple randoM acts of kIndness heLp Everyone. Someone else says SMILE is free, its cost nothing. Now we are not talking what definition has been given. I just want to tell you a story ever happened.
A woman walk and get in to the lift. She was look a frustrated woman. From the level 1 to 40 she just look the people get in and out of the lift. No talk, everybody just look at the number showing where the lift level was.
In the level 41 where she intent to get out, a young boy come to get the lift in while the frustrated women passing before him. He smile at the moment and go down by the lift.

A few years later, in one of people gathering that young boy listened a witness say that women who meet him in front of the lift were going to kill her self by trying to jump from the 40s, but a smile has given strengthen her to think where she was and get her life.

We never know what will happen after we speak, we never know what will happen after we do a little things. Smile, keep smile to. Its cost nothing, If we smile to someone and its not replied, no matter. Smile will make our step ahead. Wanna try?

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