When I was a student, I have ever hate one two or more classes. For instance just say it was a class of statistics, numerical methods, measurements or anything. There, if I decided to sit at behind I shall got bored more over, get sleepy etc. Anyway it caused all topics passed and leave nothing in my head. Later I try to sit on the chair at the first or second row. Until here I was not fell any different. More over If I heard the teacher telling something mistake.

What I did to make me having interest and start to love the class? I ask a question. It was not easy to find a good question. Before I got my question was I repeat to ask what my classmate has asked, but in the little bit difference. By doing this I got my interest and no more getting sleepy.

Sit at least 3 row from the front of class. Ask your own question or try to continue your class mate question.