What's difficult?

Someone said, It was difficult to Start. Someone else said, It was difficult to do continuously what have started. Someone said, It was difficult to End.
Really, the correct one is Difficult to Start. That is difficult to start, to do continuously anything have started and Start to End what should be finished…. that’s from ourselves must be started.

Lack of Confidence?

I know that anyone is unique, we can’t find anything perfectly the same. Are you thinking your self useless. Wait, come and see to the tree’s leaf. Could you see one same to other?

It just start from the way of your thinking. You say you are useless it means you teach your self to be useless.

Find out your unique things, grow it fruitful. I can show you somebody who stands in optimist, strong personality now on, but a few years a go as shy man. The problem is the way of thinking. You are unique, the only one. Come to success.