I have heared about a eagle. It is inspiring lots of people due to eagle’s spirits in life. (Almost 70 years life long) But one decision have to be made in 40’s, Life long to the 70 or Ended.

How an eagle to break the nail and other part of its body, other wise an eagle could not be transformed as young. He must choose 40 + 0.5 = 70 years; Or 40 + 0 = 40!

Upgrade Your Mind; – T. L. Pakii Pierce –

On his site T. L. P. Pierce quotes 7 precepts for soaring like an Eagle.

1. Clear Purpose! Clarity is critical. Your destination cannot be reached without a roadmap to a specific destination and no compelling journey can begin without a vision of where you are going. Establish your purpose and reason for being and pursue it with all abandon.

2. Passion! Passion is the product of purpose. How bad do you want?! Does your heart burn for it?. You will really begin to walk in your success when you give yourself fully to the things you are passionate about.

3. Potential! You have to fully appreciate your potential and seek to understand your potential. Your potential is your untapped strength and store up power. Your experience is NOT your potential. Your purpose is equal to your potential. Purpose and Potential go hand in hand. Your purpose is your reason and intention. Your potential is the power to fulfill your intentions.

4. Planning. If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail. To lead and succeed you must plan your actions and get it going. Don’t wander aimlessly. Plan your aim and then work your plan.

5. Persistence. You must always be in relentless pursuit of your vision and insist on having what you want. Drive that message home to yourself over and over again. Don’t look for hand outs. Instead, stretch your hand out and reach for your dreams. There is a powerful quote by Mike Murdock that says “God didn’t put the grapes in your hand, He put them within your reach.” Your mission is the reach out and pursue your dreams. Your desire is proof of possibility. If you can dream it then you certainly can achieve it. But you must make it happen and you must insist on having what you want.

6. People. Surround yourself with smart and visionary people. Connect with people who can help you connect with your vision. Connect with other people where YOU you can help them connect with THEIR goals. Avoid toxic people who are miserable and are willing poison your vision.

7. Prayer You must take care of your spirit. Start your day by synchronizing your mind, body, and spirit dimensions. Meditate on the goodness of life and give thanks for what you have and get excited about where you are choosing to go. Center your being on your purpose and start each day powerfully with vision, passion and purpose richly rooted in your heart.

© 2004 T. L. Pakii Pierce – Upgrade Your Mind
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