I often experienced on the road, there was a car, motorbike stop in the middle of the road. May the fuel was empty or anything else go wrong. Seeing that I pushed the car horn frequently and surely I was annoyed with them. Whether I want to be fast to shopping mall, to the office going home or wherever I went to.

One time I think, surely they also hope not to be like that. Why do I shout at them with the noise of the horn’s car? If I were them, surely I also do not want to be experienced the same. Same with them at that time. Oops, how egoistic I was. If possible, why do not try to say: Please Sir, Please Mom, just move slowly I wait for you. Can I help to move you left/ right? Hopefully it is not a big problem so you can fix it directly. Or If you can not do that, just calm down. Let you wait until they passed.

To Change, change that is not good for our habit. It is too comfort to be now. But a tip long said: The Good Life is the enemy for the great life. Let’s change to bear fruit. That is more meaningful.