From motivation and setting goals to improving your attitude and leading others to success, Motivated in Minutes covers it all with over one thousand easy-to-use tips, techniques, and ideas to help you get everything you want in life. The perfect tool for anyone looking for quick and easy ideas proven to work every time. Digital Download, 26 Chapters, 193 Full-Sized, 8 1/2 x 11 Pages.

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Motivated in Minutes was created to help you live a happier, healthier, more successful life in an instant. Change doesn’t have to take forever if you know the right steps to take. With over 1,000 new ideas, tips, and techniques to help you get and stay motivated you will be able to change your life in minutes. For more information here.

– Having trouble with procrastination? After learning this simple two-word phrase you’ll have the secret to getting motivated instantly. Chapter 4.

– There are five keys to reaching every goal you set with ease. Do you know them? Chapter 11

– Want a positive attitude? It’s easy, when you know this new technique to change your mood and outlook in an instant. Chapter 18.

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Motivated in Minutes is a complete guide to motivation offering over 1,000 quick and easy ideas to help you create the life you have always wanted to live. Discover the secrets to motivation and start living a better life today!

– 20 proven effective methods to overcoming procrastination in an instant. Chapter 4.

– The most important five words you will ever ask about your dreams and desires (the answer will inspire you for the rest of your life).Chapter 11.

– 108 quick and effective tips and ideas to help you improve your attitude and really enjoy your life each and every day. Chapter 18.

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‘I saw some of my friends look so happy and joking all the time while I was filled with stress and worry. Using your ideas, I have been able to start to change it all. I still have areas to work on, but they are all finally moving in the right direction.

‘Your book has opened my eyes to new ideas that really work. So much information and so easy to digest. I thank you and your organization’

MaryLynn Nelson

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