Michael Jacson, Jacko the pop legend has passed away to leave us here. The world lost him, the one of the most talented musicians world ever had. Jacko be born throughout the history of modern society. We hear his voice in the heavenly hit song in Heal the World. We remember his dance of moonwalk and his wonderful act in Thriller. His unforgettable videoclip on Black or White hit.

Each of us tends to have a certain ingenuity, and weakness in the other intelligences. Thus, someone may be very clever in the world of writing and writing, but bad in numerical intelligences. Or also someone who has a musical acumen extraordinary like MJ, but stutter in a variety of other intelligences. The point is, every individual has the kind of ingenuity that should be appreciated and built to grow.

Jacko is a perfect sample of how someone have cultivated his talents of the maximum. He realized his talent in music and get life in. We learn that with the talents we have we should grow it up not to grow as the others have. Jacko has given us as his life according to talent matter. In the age of six years, he has shown a remarkable talent as a musician. And then along his life he has explored his talent up to the point that most. The question for us, have you found your talent? What have you made for that? Was your talent never be explored optimally?

But none of the man Perfect. So as Michael Jackson. We have seen, he had a spirit to be a singer explored his talent much. He is king of the pop, many news announced so. It’s not easy to get it. Read his story, you may find a little same background with you.

He has changed his skin color, many people know that MJ is black. In this case anyone ever think related to his lack of self esteem. You may not follow him in this case. In his song MJ ever said. It’s not matter you’re black or white.

Taking of his some lyrics song: "you are not alone", "What about us", "Heal the world" asking whether we could think what we are going to do, whatever. Some of his song are good to be thought. Do not follow what are mismatch to you. Jacko was not ferfect man but his spirit to explored his talent, we must learn to follow. 

Some news announced, Michael Jackson who die a few hours a go is not real Michael Jackson. The real Michael Jackson has been died 18-20 years a go. No Matter! We can learn from anyone from anything.