Today I was in traffic jam more than 3 hours. This is the long-long jam I have ever been. It is so different with the day before. What to do? I just bring a little book that I have read since 2 days a go.
Why this happend today? Last rainy night? The motor cycle driver? Why the motor cycle always go in where the open are? Could they see after a short meter just make a bigger jam?
If I was a motor rider, I will never go out through the entry way and I will come to the way to make another jam. I know delayed 10 minutes will save hours.
If the people on the road has a little more patience what has happen could certainly be different. But how someone can be patient in the bottleneck? How can someone stay on track in case of congestion? How small vehicles such as motorcycles can be patient in order not to creep out of the cleft, although they will be late to work? And the boss will be angry?

Be patient, start from yourself to be patient. Waiting patiently 5 minutes, you can speed up to 30 minutes. That often happens.