English: Traffic jam in BeijingWhen I was in traffic jam, especially on the tol way. I see a simple or a tiny accident could make a long-long jam. Why that condition frequently appeared? Simply none can understand none can predicted well what really happen just in a few meter from the driven car. In this case we need somebody who can tell us where we are and where to go in the right time in the right place.

It is worthy to listen to the experienced people, and listen what they have done before. It was a bad for them but good for us to LEARN.

If all the driver know that the incident occurred in front of it, surely they will avoid the road row although it appears less of jam. The problem will be overcame if all the driver know what is going on in front and all have been taking the right direction in while still a enough significant distance.

In this journey of life, we often face on issues like that. Burdened a responsibility or asked something new. Entering a new school, new jobs, new areas or new rules, we often focus on what appears in front of the eye. The failure of another person come flying on our ear has increasingly encourage us to doubt and fear.

Did you know what we have afraid in, 80% of them do not occur. Do not believe in all that visible in accordance with the truth. See what is invisible is not wrong, just need to realize that because of our limited senses, the assessment, we also limited in that limited sense.

The problem is how we can see, at least how to try to peek behind the wall as well as trying to find out what happens at the steps ahead. Ask to the old men and listen their opinions without debate. They are more sociable and have more experience. They can tell us how they have been going through in what we will face.

Experience can not be purchased. Money can be sought. Through a success story, biography, the testimony of other people find the reflection of your position to move forward. See you at the end of a success