In the ancient time, the clock maker ask to the clock before selling his clock. “My clock, can you beat as much as 31,157,600 times in a year?” The clock answered, “Ha, it is to much for me to do that!”
“Oh, If that so much for you, can you do it 2,628,000 times in every month?” The clock maker continued.
“You know I just start in working, 2,628,000 are big journey for me at all” the clock replied again in sorrow.
“Oh, I see that, I think you can beat as much as 86,400 times a day, are you?”
“It’s too much for me yet, you know me as a new clock right?”
“3,600 beat an hour, Can you do that?”
“No, it’s too much work yet!”
“If that so, can you work in 60 times for a minute?” The Clock maker asked.
The clock did not answer, after a few seconds the clock replied, “I am afraid to do even 60 times for a minute.”
Then the clock maker asked, “Can you do avery move to beat just once in a second?”
The Clock answered, “Yes, off course I can do that. You should not have to ask me about.”
The Clock maker say, ” If that so, please go to work, make a beat just 1 time in a second.”
After that story the clock do the job to make a beat in each seconds minutes by minutes and hour by hour. The clock reach the beats 31,536,000 in a year as the first question of the maker.

I do ever have many things to do. Everything look like in Quadrant I. Doing anything simultaneously is impossible, we must select what is the first and the next. So as we do, If you feel so hard to do something new, something bored to you. Simplify that. Just do 1 by 1 Do not try to do it all in the same time. Break it down and do one step at the time. Go ahead. Catch your dream!