Remember of word saying, anything possible will happend! That is right. We will focus to the words of Possible.

If we draw a cube -like dice- with 1,2,3,4,5,6 number on it’s side the possibility number 1 at the top should be (1/6) so does the other number. The possibility of the Red on traffic light will be (1/3) in the other word, Those Traffic light and Cube will show that appearance according to its probability.

Now lets talk about making goal. Just say making goal to be arrive at the airport soon in 45km far away. Is that possible to happend to be arrived at the airport? Sure, but it depend on how fast you move getting there. If we move in average 45km/h we will get there one hour later, by moving in average 90km/h will be arrive just in half hour.

In fact some people expect a better life by doing things just in the same way. It is possible to have a better life comes by? May be. The better life may come to us with no changes in us, but it may take long long time, and none can say when. As mentioned before, cube for a number has a probability (1/6) but it is not meaning 6 times will make a number exactly appear! Because a number could appear twice or more. We just can predict.

Now even has said something possible will happend we can not mention it correct matematicaly. To make a cube in expecting a desired number will appear we need to make something different in way to draw. Making cube only roll in straight will increase the probability of expecting number becomes (1/4) because we stop the possibility of 2 numbers. Others way can make the possible things to be happend in a measured time. In the same way, it is wise to do something different way to make our goal, our hope, dream come true.

It is wise to pursue goal in different manner if no significant things have appeared bringing us to our goals. We can only result the same with the same act both for good or bad. Pursue goal, increase the possibility.