Have you ever seen a dog? Last time 15 to 20 years a go my neighbor have a lot of dogs. If you leave the dog far a way, just say you leave it when the dog was sleeping. The dog could run faster and catch you. It is very fantastic of nose smell to identify the road ever passed.
Now Iam not talking about nose smell or something so.Have you ever seen the dog out there that crying so cruel and hoping anyone to turn to catch him out? It is just because a nail has been hurt it leg? Calling it’s name in most of time just make it crying more. Why does the dog quickly comes by? The answer is, Nail is not hurt enough! Remember, I am not aiming you and suppose to be a dog, but I have ever been like that dog. Feeling hurt in a while but I do nothing. Feel free to stand up, leave the nail if it had been hurt you already. But if you will not going to leave just calm down. Tho choice is ours.