We often hear what the most motivated people is a dream. Dream can make someone act bravely, dare to die! We can not denied a fact that dream can change the spirit, to be aggresive and productive. However, dreaming something better only can not make someone to be better. Dreaming better life, better position, income, wealth and others also are often not strong enough to make us do better.

How about a “nightmare”? Nightmare in a variety of facts can also motivate someone to be more enterprising, more aggresive, more goal oriented, more seriously. Why, just because of “bad dream” will come to a reality. The question that often appears to motivate is, what happens if …

Fears, worries of a nightmare come to a reality makes people to stimulate themselves. However, the nightmare as well as our dream to have a better life, a better income, wealth, and others sometimes get fail too. Because the tendency to stay on current conditions are still too strong to be released. Currently the nail is not hurt enough, so we think why need to change then we are not motivated.

Here, we need a necessary urgency. Urgency should be required to drive all that. If a nightmare such what happens if … still be followed by the next question “When” and the answer is not “Soon” we need an urgency. The power of the urgency will make us more progresive and had to be motivated. How do we create an urgency. Make a simple different that you can not denie to change. Because you do not have a choice except dare to change, and all your energy will be focused to counter the urgency had made. Make yourself with an urgency rather outside urgency come to push you.

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