For some of area in life, It is not problem of thinking too much. Philosopher are thinker. They works to think, thinking is their life. For who was not a philosopher we may have or make any trouble if we are thinking too much. We can do job too late if thinking too much, and we may lose our opportunities just because of thinking too much.

I have ever heard some one who live in his house and sometimes in a while he was locked in one of the room in that house, in the room that he could not unlock it from inside. There should be anyone to come to open it over. Many days in a week from month to year such thing happend. If he could not have any of his neighboor to come to help, he must wait until his wife come to open it for him, and before it happend he must cry out to call anyone else that could hear his hoping shout. Just to unlock the door.

He has thought to fix the door, but he think it again. How much does it cost? Where could I buy the same door as original one? How can I fix it by myself? If I fix it what about my pending jobs, etc.

He has thought one time to break the door, but he think again. How can I change the door if it really be broken? How if my foot will be blooding, If I kick it down? How if my shoulder will get ill, If I push it? etc.

End of this story, He has married got a nice baby. One day, after his wife has been allowed to go shopping after maternity of his wife …. He  worked to that room, he put a little block for stopping door to close. Unfortunately, he locked there again. He has try to run as fast as he can to stop the door, fail!

Now, this is the real story. He tried to look upon the window whether he could find someone on the outside to ask a help. None. His wife will return back in 2 hours more. One things that make his in trouble. What if his baby crying? What to do if his baby has in trouble? And that’s really what happend. His baby’s crying. Miracle? Less than 5 seconds after that, he has arrived in to his baby’s room and stand close to his baby and hold his baby on his arm. He almost unbelieved for what he has done. The door is okay, just a few of nail and screw need to be fixed out.

We need take action without thinking too much. What we afraid to happend most of them are dissapear.