When Opportunity Knocks
by Corey Wells

If an opportunity were to present itself later today, will you be ready? When the phone rings later tonight and you are asked to make a presentation to a huge client in the morning, will you be prepared? If you were offered a job at double your current responsibility, would you take it? If the boss quits tomorrow and the company looks to you as a replacement, are you ready?

As often happens in life, opportunities sometimes seem to come out of nowhere. You may be technically competent to take advantage of a situation, but will you be mentally ready. Some will make excuses why they can’t grab an opportunity when it lands in their lap with comments like, I don’t think I have the experience, or There’s not enough time to prepare. Do any of these sound familiar?

The perfect alignment between the availability of opportunity and your preparedness rarely occurs. You need to be ready when opportunity knocks, because most times, it only knocks once and you need to get to the door. So how do you get prepared? Practice! You must prepare your body, mind and skills as if every day there will come a knock at the door. Search your soul to discover what you really want. Then ask yourself,  Am I ready?

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