The girl nervously said to her school friend, "No, .. oh not!" when she was asked whether that old woman walked passing near them to the kitchen is her mother or someone else.

That old woman’s look really bad in her face!

"If that so, who is she?" Her school friend continued. "Oh, not my family she is just a servant for me in this house".

After her friend returned, the girl went to the kitchen to put drinking glass of her friend. Her mother was not there, and she tried to look for. Then she found her mother was deeply crying in her bedroom.

The girl asked, "why mother crying?" Her mother not replied. When her mother was repeatly asked, she said, "My daughter, are you shame of me only because of my face?" Her mother continued, "My daughter, my face has got as now on because of fired in our house, a few years ago when you still a baby, our house burned, a fire was blazing so great and none dare to get in even all men heard the baby’s crying.

I presumed to go in, whatever will happen because it was a baby ‘s crying, baby of mine, my daughter, you! This face be such as a burn to take you out from the fire ablaze."

Hearing  that in deplore the girl cried deeply, she remembered what in her heart over of her mother. Since that time this girl was more diligent to study, to work to help her mother. Her mother, who has burnt to save her life.

May our mother not experienced as mentioned in this story. Is there someone who has been rendered for our life at this time. What do we have make on, although it can not be repaid?