Most of us like to have or to be given something good fully not in half or almost empty, right? For example, I was very glad to receive full of a glass drinking water rather than half of it.

Now let’s think and relate it to a HOPE. If we receive a water in half. How did we see it? Half in empty or Half in full? It depend of how we are thinking and how we would like to think.

If we think the half full of glass is going to stop us because of thinking enough, I think it is not wise enough for pursuing goals. It is better to think it half empty if thinking enough in early can stop us.

In the other case for maintaining our spirit to go forward the glass is wiser to see it full in half. There is a hope in it by thinking have a half full rather than a half empty. It just remains one step ahead to make it full.

So, let’s think and never stop because it’s still a half. Be happy because we have a half to recharge our spirit to make it full.