One day Max do something problem, He threw a stone to an animal that run close to him. He just wanted to terrify that animal to go away. Unfortunately the thrown stone has break a mirror glass of his father’s motor bike.

When his father asked about the broken mirror Max didn’t tell the truth. He said, "I don’t know!" First lie.

Later his father intended to repair their floor’s house. Surely It needs some small stones. His father has prepared it last day. Because of the quantity was not too much Father knew exactly that some of the stones have gone. Then Father asked to Max whether he had ever seen that lost stones. This is the next lie of Max. He said, No! Second lie of Max.

Telling a lie is never stay alone. It needs one more lie to hide it. Let the truth on your going and do not let a lie to count ONE. If it has started to count ONE there will be TWO and THREE. So let it be ZERO.