English: Cylinders Painting PhotoIn world of Manufacturing Industries we know a phrase named Cut Lot. Lot is a group of goods produced with a unique identity that can represent a unique difference between one group of goods with others.

If a lot can be identified, workers can easy to find a special treatment and would be helpful on the identified lot. In special circumstances

and the normal production are often forced to do a cut lot just because there is something very special thing suddenly found, and need to separate. In this case the cut lot is often performed to separate a group from other urgently. There is urgent words there.

In real life we are often confronted with problems in a relationship which I think will get better if we can apply the cut lot too. This means that anyone needs to quit immediately from something bad or not good, we need to make a lot or a new phase.
Do not let bad habits in your life, immediately do cut lot. Cut lot will change our direction from which is not good and go for the better one.

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