Keira PandSRathbone, the typewriter artist. I would like to write someting about Keira Rathbone. Her creatives of arts inspiring me since I know her. Wonderful.

I can not say anything before showing you some of her wonderful art creation.

What have made Keira Rathbone has been producing what a wonderful typewriter arts, at least she had her own:

  • Interest,
  • Passion,
  • Enjoy and
  • Loving arts, and
  • Look someting with Different eyes.

Keira Rathbone, “I have a long-standing interest in images that are made up of many smaller constituent parts, for example newsprint images made from dots, and digital images that are made from pixels.

I like to make artwork that encourages the viewer to look at the image from different distances. It could be considered a reference to taking perspective on issues in life”

Many people may easy to make such painting, pictures etc, but using typewriter for art is Keira.

If you think you are going to do something impossible, think a moment to Keira Rathbone’s art creatures.