One of the weakness in our human being is forget. I believe that anyone is feel warmly to be appreciated. Many right time passed, we forget to appreciate the right people. We have learned that people like to be appreciated. Let appreciate others whom it deserved. If your friend, neighboor, spouse have something good, appreciate it.

Ok, that appreciation for other people. I think, it’s worthy to give any appreciation for our own achievement. Appreciate yourself for what you have done good. It’s not measured how big the appreciation is. Just reward it. It does not mean there must have reward in every achievement we have had. Be wise, if the reward could take you up and open the way to challenge us, reward it. If you think there should be a little more step must be achieved before rewarding, do it.

Appreciation and reward that cost nothing is what you talk to yourself. Thanks to God, reward your achievement. This is something tiny reward you can do for yours.

1. Write a card, put down your name.
2. Write a postcard, mail to your own address.
3. Ask your friend or your spouse to have a special time, such as unusual lunch, dinner, etc.

Appreciating others is good as you appreciate yourself.