One of the wonderful tools in now world is what we call Computer. Computer in many ways has made our jobs easy and simple. Anyway do you know that the computer is just began from a small bit memory, binary code and register only? What the computer operation is just to apply ADD, SUBTRACT at the basic. What is the MULTIPLY is just the repetition of ADD, and what is the POWER is just to repeat MULTIPLY. What the DIVISION is just the Inverse of the MULTIPLICATION, By doing some enhancements now the computer can be used for anything as long as we could translate it in to binary called Interface. What the enhancement is only by doing smaller and faster in hardware. Shift and Mirror in register could be done by ADD and SUBTRACT.

If that is simple, how it can use for mailing, gaming, animation, printing, publishing, imaging etc? It start from ADDITION and SUBTRACTION of Code. That is the BASIC. Off course the question has to answer, when and where ADD and SUBTRACT are performed properly to the CODE.

I have ever felt any confuses, Here what I have found, by understanding the basic as well, I could keep moving on. You may now have many things to do, but you have do nothing yet. Find out the basic, WE CAN NOT DO MANY THINGS IN THE SAME TIME. So, simplify it. Write down what you are going to do. Sort it by priority, then do it one by one. Do it just like a clock which move one beat at second.