May each of us ever been afraid. Afraid to have fail, afraid to have disturbance, loneliness, darkness, horrible sound etc. Most of us have ever been afraid such of those above in our childhood. But a few of people now on always afraid in what they can not explain. This is really not easy. If we talk to them and said, please write down what did you afraid for, and let us find out how to handle your fear. In fact most of them could not define it.

I tell you, fears can’t completely be handled unless we have another fear to replace it. How come? I give an example. If I fear to a little dog, but I have a friend of mine, a big and stronger dog, may I fear nothing to the little dog, right? Why? Just because I believe that my friend stronger dog will help me in some how the little dog act to hurt me. Anything, as long as my stronger dog is strong enough, I fear nothing to the little one.

Now, are you afraid? Do you believe that there is someone who is bigger than you fear about, even it is so hard to explain? If you don’t know someone who bigger than you fear about, I will tell you. Fear of God make you fear nothing. Do you believe that? Choose now in what you fear.