One time there was a little child fell in to a deep swimming pool. That pool is surely not used for any children. Many people who saw that incident but no one dared to come down to rescue her. The peokolam renangple just looked at each other as blaming each other why that none dared to jump down to help the child.

Suddenly, a look strong young man jumped into the pool and he immediately pulled the little girl and took her out and save her! The people clapped their hands with in festivity, and applaud the young man to appreciate his courage and his brave decision.

kolamSuddenly that young man looked up to all the people who were there, and asked, “Who has dared to push me down?”

Let’s do something right with all our heart. Do not let yourself to do something good by others. But if you are not do something good yet, let you to be pushed and don’t dismiss.