SandersToday, September 9, was the birthday of Colonel Sanders. Colonel Sanders (Harland David Sanders) was born on Tuesday, September 09, 1890 in Henryville and he was a famous businessman from United States of Disciples of Christ religion.

He started his business in an age old enough, 60 years old. He is a famous person with his KFC. He has a dream to make a food or recipe can make a profit reply, he pursue his dream became reality with the unstopped action. Using his old car, starting around offering recipes, but what that he can be … More than 1000 stores denied, but he didn’t stop, not at all, he continued to offer those recipes.

Do not listen what people said as long as we know what we do, where we are going to. If the Sander has the intention to stop offering the recipe for he has a reason for more than 1000 stores declined, none to taste of KFC today.

The story of Colonel Sanders, can be used as a reference Stop Dreaming Start Action. Be Doer.

Life in Brief:

– His mother’s name: Margaret Ann Dunlevy.
– His father’s name: Wilbur David Sanders.
– Brother: Clarence.
– Sister: Catherine.

Colonel dated Josephine King (wife) and amongst other was Amorous Encounters Claudia Ellen Sanders (wife). He died on Tuesday, December 16, 1980, in Shelbyville; Cause of death: cancer – leukemia.